Housekeepers revealed naughty facts about celebs.

Cinema and stage superstars seem to be ideal. We admire their intellect, empathy and talent. We look at their flawless appearance, expensive outfits and luxurious life. We listen to their touching speeches from the stage and applaud when they donate large amounts of money to charity. But we know very little about celebrities, because we do not face them in everyday life. But their housekeepers know much more. Their nannies, cleaning ladies, chefs and personal assistants have to endure all the whims of VIP employers. Celebrity assistants know their bosses better than their moms and dads, even better than the most meticulous and annoying journalists. It’s no wonder that employees often quit, unable to withstand the quibbles or oddities of the celeb employers. And along the way they also tell everything they happened to see and experience.

1. Lady Gaga and cold bed

The scandal of an outrageous singer with former assistant Jennifer O’Neill erupted throughout the world. Through the court, the former housekeeper received a large amount of money from the star, and a little later she wrote a book about her misadventures. Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta (real name of the singer) forced the assistant to warm her cold bed. Or she could wake Jennifer in the middle of the night, to turn on another movie for her. The assistant’s duties included even draining the water after Gaga in the restroom.