10 most provocative VOGUE covers

Even the largest and eminent corporations, brands and publishers sometimes make a mistake in their advertising campaigns and design of the products. Some “failures” are making a lot of noise. After making a noise, subsequently bring their authors even more attention and profit, others earn public condemnation and total rejection. The World’s cult fashion magazine ‘Vogue’ has repeatedly issued provocative covers over the time. And the editorial staff could have predicted in advance the negative reaction. But negative PR is also a PR. GirlTrendy put together a rating of the most questionable and scandalous covers.

1 | Vogue US, 2017

2017, the whole world is drowning in body-positivism, almost all Hollywood stars and top top models had time to put their photos in Instagram with the #nomakeup and #nofilter hashtags, the magazines publish beauties on their pages that do not hide the presence of cellulite … And then Vogue is accused of excessive use of photoshop. The reason, by the way, was ridiculously funny: readers thought that the hand of one of the models (Gigi Hadid) is too long!